Global Immersion

Several students riding elephants in a small village

Beyond the Classroom

Today's economy is global; international relationships are an essential component of high-performing organizations. For over 30 years, LMU has offered a unique opportunity to participate in an outstanding study of global business through the Comparative Management Systems (CMS) program, which is required for MBA students.

Having international business experience benefits those seeking careers in almost any field, and identifies our MBA students as informed, confident, self-sufficient managers who are able to learn quickly and adapt to changing conditions. The substantial teamwork needed to complete CMS contributes to your ongoing leadership development. This global study will offer career, personal and social long-term benefits that last well beyond graduation.

Comparative Management Systems

In your second year, you will be placed into a study team based on your areas of interest to conduct research on a specific business topic guided by a faculty adviser. Your research will culminate with a 1-week trip overseas, allowing firsthand exposure to global management practices and intercultural dynamics. You'll meet with business executives, visit local attractions and learn about the business environment, social culture and customs. 

By participating in the CMS program, LMU MBA students will graduate with international management insights and increased capabilities to collaborate and liaise with business leaders from other cultures and economic systems.

Since 1983, CMS students have visited companies in more than 43 cities such as Reykjavik, Beijing, Delhi, Hong Kong, Prague, Sydney, Stockholm, Bangkok, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro.

Students jumping in the air on top of the Great Wall of China

CMS Students Visit Korea, China and Japan

“CMS was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I got to travel to countries I had never visited and meet with top executives at companies like Google, Intel and Disney. It was a great way to end my MBA experience.”

– Millie Musslewhite, MBA '15