Tuition, Fees + Financial Aid

LMU MBA Tuition, Fees + Financial Aid

LMU provides an excellent value for a quality MBA. Tuition is $1,450 per unit and includes:

  • Tuition for all courses
  • Residential and skills workshops
  • Dedicated career services

The estimated total cost for the LMU MBA Program based on completing the program in two years is:

Tuition $73,950 51 units at $1,450/unit
Mandatory fees* $ 1,500 2 years
Textbooks $ 2,150  
Parking $ 1,400 2 years at $700/year
International study and travel $ 6,000  
Estimated 2 year cost $85,000  

* All LMU MBA students are required to have medical insurance. Other fees include accident insurance, MBA Student Association fee, registration fee, graduate student activity fee, international student fee (if applicable) and degree application fee. Click here for more information.

Note: The university reserves the right to change any fees upon reasonable notice.

Click here‌‌ for the Student Accounts Department.

Financial Aid

Thanks to generous donations from benefactors, the Financial Aid Office is privileged to offer numerous leadership, merit and/or need-based scholarship opportunities to LMU MBA students.

All need-based financial aid and most other aid awards are determined in whole or in part by the information submitted in a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. You can submit your FAFSA and apply for financial aid prior to applying for admission to LMU. The Financial Aid Office recommends applying for aid as soon as possible.

To learn more about completing your FAFSA and financial aid eligibility at LMU, please review:


Grants are made available by LMU, the State of California and the Federal Government to help fund your LMU education. The Financial Aid Office considers your eligibility for these based on the information submitted on your FAFSA.


As an MBA student, you are eligible to apply for various scholarships made by generous individuals who believe deeply in the value of an LMU education. Scholarship selections are based on a variety of factors including financial need, merit (undergraduate GPA for new MBA students; MBA GPA for continuing MBA students), area of study and involvement in the community. Contact the MBA program office at or 310.338.2848 for details.

Graduate Assistants

You can apply for positions working with faculty, the MBA Office, or other departments on campus. These positions range from semester to year-long assignments and are 10-20 hours/week. 

Visit LMU's Financial Aid Office for financial aid application instructions and other important information.