MBA Alumni Profiles

LMU MBA alumni are a diverse group of professionals spanning many countries, industries and businesses. Get to know some of these unique individuals...

Andrew Fowler

Andrew Fowler '14
Co-Founder, Los Angeles Ale Works

"Estd. Daily" is what you'll see if you look closely at the logo for Los Angeles Ale Works. Co-founder Andrew Fowler, MBA '14 says, "The general idea is that we always want to continue establishing ourselves and not become comfortable or stagnant." That entrepreneurial spirit informs everything Fowler does. Read more.

Jim Negus '93, MBA '95
Partner, KPMG

As a partner at KPMG, Jim Negus leads the firm's Pacific Southwest Consulting Unit and national Treasury and Capital Markets Practice. He has worked in KPMG's Los Angeles and New York offices for 17 years and was elected into the partnership in 2001. After you get to know Jim, you aren't the least bit surprised that he chose a profession in consulting. You also learn that he's very passionate about giving back. Read more.

Ashley King JD/MBA '11
Founder & CEO, Dysh App

Ashley King's entrepreneurial journey began in Los Angeles in the summer of 2005. Her internship with fashion startup Ed Hardy ended with a full-time job offer as a marketing and public relations manager. There was just one problem. Ashley was enrolled as a student at Arizona State University. In what would become one of the biggest decisions of her life, she accepted the position with Ed Hardy and moved to Los Angeles to jumpstart her career. Read more.

Lynn Beatty MBA '98
Strategic Client Director, GE Healthcare

At GE Healthcare, Lynn Beatty is responsible for business development and sales for the entire products and services portfolio. She works with a team of 60 people and credits her interpersonal skills for her ability to drive performance, outcomes and goals. With over 25 years of healthcare management experience, Lynn knows what it takes for a woman – especially a minority woman – to succeed in today's competitive business environment. Read more.

Patrick Biggerstaff MBA '13
Head of Digital Experience, Singapore Airlines

Although Patrick Biggerstaff was born in Singapore, he moved to Los Angeles as a baby and has no memories of his first experiences in the Southeast Asian country. All of that changed when he was offered a job opportunity with Singapore Airlines to relocate to its main headquarters in Singapore as the new Head of Digital Experience. After two years in the position, Patrick is more than making up for all those lost experiences. Read more.

Georgina Miranda MBA '05
Mountaineer and Founder, Altitude Seven

In 2012, Georgina Miranda was mountain climbing with friends in the French Alps when she took a bad fall that nearly cost her her life. Now, for most people, that experience would have been enough to keep them off steep climbs for the foreseeable future. But Georgina Miranda isn't most people. She continued her love of mountain climbing and a year later, triumphantly stood atop the summit of earth's highest peak, Mt. Everest. Read more.

Michael Gaviña '02, MBA '07
Purchasing Director, Gaviña Coffee

To say that coffee runs through Michael Gaviña's veins is not a complete exaggeration. He represents the fourth generation of the coffee roasting family legacy known as F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. As the company's purchasing director, Michael is responsible for overseeing the pricing of raw materials and managing inventory levels. The only thing more important to Michael than the quality of his family's coffee is his actual family. The Gaviñas have a rich history in coffee that's filled with pride and tradition. Read more.

Emily Müller-Lennox MBA '11
Senior Product Line Manager, Puma

Emily Müller-Lennox caught the international travel bug early. As a teenager, she took her first job with the sole intention of saving money for a trip to Europe. Since then, she's continued traveling and always had the idea in the back of her head that it would be exciting to work overseas. Today, she's made that dream a reality in her current position at Puma headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Read more.

Allison Leanos '06, MBA '09
Senior Manager of Social Media, Monrovia

Allison Leanos' first taste of the online space was co-leading the development and growth of an e-commerce department for an Italian leather handbag company. She then spearheaded social media efforts for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Children's Hospital Los Angeles before joining Monrovia. Find out what Allison has to say about the power of social media and how LMU's MBA Program set her up for success. Read more.

Melissa Ertek MBA '01
Chief Development Officer, Winston & Strawn LLP

Melissa Ertek achieved several major milestones at a young age: she moved from Turkey to the United States at 16, graduated with her MBA from LMU at 21, and became a C-level executive of an international law firm at 34. She credits her strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and global mindset for getting her where she is today – as chief development officer of Winston & Strawn LLP in New York City. Read more.

Alex Kadota MBA '11
Director of Revenue Management, Downtown Grand Las Vegas

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in hotel administration, he spent five years gaining experience at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. He then worked in Mexico for a few years before returning to Las Vegas. As Alex continues to climb the corporate ladder in the hotel industry, he's realizing the many benefits of having an MBA and that sometimes it takes sacrifices early in your career to get your dream job later. Read more.