What's the Difference between Part-Time and Full-Time MBA Programs?

What's the Difference between Part-Time and Full-Time MBA Programs?

May 15, 2015

Each school or university will have its own differences. Here are some highlights that might help you decide which program is best for you.


This option usually requires students to leave the workforce and dedicate the majority of one’s time to academics. In this type of program, there may be more activity in student clubs, associations, and other groups. Schools that have full-time and part-time MBA programs sometimes deliver a different curriculum for part-time students.


Courses are typically held in the evening so students can balance work and academics. Professors who teach in full-time programs are usually also accessible in part-time programs. Students are able to immediately apply the knowledge and lessons learned in the classroom to their jobs.

LMU’s MBA Program is designed for working professionals and structured as part-time with evening classes. Students can complete their degree in 24 months. A number of student-led groups are available including the MBA Student Association, Toastmasters, the Entrepreneurship Society, and the Finance Society.

Should You Go Full-Time or Part-Time?

It depends. What’s your situation? How do you want the MBA to help you? What are your professional and personal goals? If you have financial or family considerations, these are important factors to consider.

Financial aid including grants, scholarships, loans and graduate assistantships are available for LMU MBA students. Scholarship recipients are selected based on need, merit, area of study and community involvement.

Take a good look at what you think the next few years will look like while you pursue an MBA – your goals, career, finances and family dynamics. That will help you decide between a full-time or part-time program. If you’d like to talk to LMU students about how they made their decision, attend an info session. You can also contact us at mba.office@lmu.edu or 310.338.2848.