A Day in the Life of an LMU MBA Student

A Day in the Life of an LMU MBA Student

By Cory Shumaker, MBA '16 | September 21, 2015

It’s well known that earning an MBA while working full-time can be challenging. It takes a certain level of mental toughness and determination to do well in both. To give you a glimpse of what that looks like, MBA student Cory Shumaker was asked to share a day in the life of being a working professional enrolled in Loyola Marymount’s MBA Program. In addition to being a program manager for the California Hydrogen Business Council, he is a sustainability consultant and vice president of outreach for LMU’s MBA Student Association. He also received the MBA Entrepreneurship Student of the Year award from the Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship. Here’s a peek at one Thursday for this MBA student.

6:45 AM: Out the door! Commute from West Los Angeles to Downey for the California Hydrogen Business Council Summer Summit.

7:35 AM: Arrive at the conference. Meet and greet other representatives in the energy industry.

8:30 AM: Take notes for the next several hours on every presentation, discussion and Q&A session. Gather details on renewable pathways to hydrogen and how California can achieve greenhouse gas reduction and zero-emission vehicle goals.

5:00 PM: Make the commute to LMU for my evening class on Management Strategies.

5:50 PM: Food stop at Bristol Farms before heading to campus.

6:15 PM: Find a study room in the library and review Harvard Business School case study.

7:00 PM: Bring on the class discussion! We compared business structures and strategies of the Dutch technology company Philips and the Japanese company Matsushita.

10:30 PM: Reflect on the day while driving home and start brainstorming for next MBA Student Association social.

10:45 PM: Enjoy a huge welcome home from my Maltipoo dog Wally!

11:30 PM: Set alarm for tomorrow. Lights out!

There you have it. Each day is a little different. Sometimes there’s group work, mixers with students and alumni, and trips to Europe for global business lessons like the Bonn Program!