3 Tips for Landing an Awesome MBA Internship

3 Tips for Landing an Awesome MBA Internship

By Matthew Snider, MBA '16 | July 16, 2015

Securing a meaningful summer internship is a common goal shared by many MBA students. These internships are usually well paid and often lead to full-time positions with a stellar organization. For many, however, these opportunities are squandered due to a lack of preparation and an inability to communicate your strengths and assets to recruiters. Here are a few tips and pointers that helped me land my internship with KPMG’s Advisory Practice this summer.

Tip #1: Despite what you’ve heard, your GPA matters.
At this stage in your academic career it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that your GPA is a reflection on how seriously you take your education. You are competing for internships with hundreds of other MBA students and top recruiters are going to be on the lookout for top talent. High GPAs send a strong message that you take this aspect of your life seriously enough to perform at your highest level.

  • MBA Pro Tip: Make an effort to stop by your professor’s office hours at least three times during the semester. Asking for help and interacting with your professors outside of the classroom are great ways to ensure you get maximum points out of a class.

Tip #2: Don’t just get involved - be proactive.
Participating in extracurricular activities demonstrates your willingness to connect with others and try new experiences. By joining one of the various student clubs at LMU (e.g. MBA Student Association, Business of Entertainment Society) you open yourself up to a community of like-minded people who can help you get closer to your career goals.

  • MBA Pro Tip: Show your commitment by assuming a leadership role in a student organization, which proves you are capable of managing a large group of people. This always looks great on a resume and appeals to recruiters.

Tip #3: Career Services is your best friend.
Whether you’re looking for a new job, making a transition or planning to stay at your current employer, your entire MBA career should involve a consistent dialogue with the Career Services Office. It’s through continued interaction that they come to learn who you are, what your strengths/interests are and how to help you capitalize on recruiting opportunities. Moreover, it is highly beneficial to attend the events they put on for students, alumni and recruiters. Not only do these events give you practice and facetime with potential employers, they also afford you more time to engage with Career Services staff and other students in your class.

  • MBA Pro Tip: Recruiting Roundtable Event coming up next week? Show up 20 minutes early, dressed to impress, and ask Career Services if they need any help setting up. Next thing you know, they want to introduce you to recruiters as they arrive.

Remember, being active in the MBA community and maintaining a dialogue with its members signal to recruiters that you are qualified for a first-rate MBA internship.

Matthew Snider currently serves as President of the LMU MBA Student Association.