Student Organizations

LMU MBA Student Organizations

MBA Student Association (MBASA)

Mission: The MBASA is the official MBA student association at LMU. Each year, the MBASA hosts a number of social, professional and philanthropic events for MBA students to network and get to know each other better.
President: Kaila Murphy
Twitter: @LMUMBASA

MBA Toastmasters

Mission: Founded in fall 2009, the LMU MBA Toastmasters chapter helps its members learn the art of public speaking, listening and thinking through a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Ultimately, these skills help promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential and foster human understanding. Toastmasters provides speakers with effective evaluation that helps MBA students prepare for classroom, social and professional speaking engagements.
President: Laura Geraghty
Twitter: @LMUToastmasters

GSLMU (Graduate Students of LMU)

Mission: GSLMU is for current graduate students across LMU and is hosted by the Graduate Student Association. Our mission is to advocate and engage graduate students across LMU, foster a rich academic, professional and social network, and promote a Jesuit and Marymount heritage of being men and women for others.
President: Dylan De Mott

Finance Association

Mission: The purpose of the group is to give students and alumni a channel to network, ask for advice, get help on resumes and talk about other finance related issues. 
President: Derek Pugh

Entrepreneurship Association

Mission: The LMU MBA Entrepreneur Association brings together students and alumni with an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit to vet business ideas, learn from local entrepreneurs and foster creative discussion. 

Real Estate Alumni Group (REAG)

Mission: The LMU Real Estate Alumni Group (LMU REAG) brings together real estate and finance professionals, investors and students for an opportunity to network and a chance to leverage our collective knowledge regarding market conditions, deal structuring and working together on projects. We also have guest speakers coming in from different sectors within the industry and provide a forum for members to discuss their opportunities.
President: Edgard Asensio