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The Bonn Program is headquartered in Bonn, Germany and provides MBA students with a unique opportunity to experience the ongoing transformation of Europe and the myriad ways in which this continental unification is developing.

The course, The Environment of Business in the European Union, takes place over a two-week period in August and examines the European Union as both a major part of the global marketplace and as a policymaking body. The EU’s public policy and its impact on trade and the marketplace are examined. Historical references are included to enhance understanding of the policies adopted. Finally, the course addresses the current critical EU issues including the world's financial crisis, the common currency (EURO), expansion, political unity, privatization and deregulation. Throughout, the major focus is how all of this impacts the practice of marketing.

"The Bonn Program is a unique cultural and business experience for any serious MBA student. By completely immersing myself in European culture, I gained an invaluable perspective on how culture and business come together and their impact on how Europeans do business with the rest of the world. Now I feel ready to handle the challenges of dealing with a global workforce." -- Rama Wusirika, MBA '14 

The Bonn Program examines the European Union as both a major player in the global marketplace as well as a diverse, multinational institution and policymaking body. The EU’s public marketplace is examined and comparisons made with other approaches. Finally, the program addresses current critical issues facing the EU. Upon completion, students should understand how the EU sets policies in a unifying way that fits the needs of 27 member states, each with their own government, culture, business community and language; learn how companies in various industries do business within the EU context; and understand how the cultures of centuries-old nations adapt to and impact policymaking and business practices.

  • Location

    The program is based in Bonn, Germany, in the heart of the Rhine River Valley, with its castles, vineyards and medieval towns. It is a convenient location from which to travel to EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, and various companies included in the program and cultural excursions.

  • Course Description

    MBAG 676 The European Union 
    Lecturer: Bill Semos

    The course is built around a historical look -- pre- and post-World War II -- together with a present-day view of how the EU functions and how various industries and companies function in the context of the Pan-European marketplace, as well as the global one. The course examines the mix of political, economic, cultural and historical factors and their impacts.

  • Cultural Excursions

    Brussels, Frankfurt, Maastricht, Dusseldorf, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as historical/cultural visits to Cologne, Konigswinter, and Bruel, all in the Rhine Valley. A long weekend is built into the program for individual/group student excursions.

How to Apply

The Bonn Program takes place each August and applications are typically due in April. All students interested must have completed MBAA 606 prior to the program. We adhere to the LMU Study Abroad procedures: Anyone interested in the program must fully complete and submit the application with deposit and have it approved before a slot is secured. If you give up the slot, you will be at risk of losing your deposit so the point is not to apply until you are as sure as possible that you can go—time off from work, funds, etc. A short wait list will be kept after the program is full to allow for any last minute changes.

Application Process

  • Pick up a Summer Study Abroad application by making an appointment with Bill Semos 
  • Or complete the online Bonn Program application 
  • Submit the completed application materials and a non-refundable $400 application commitment deposit to Bill Semos


For more information on the Bonn Program at LMU, please contact:

Bill Semos
Bonn Program Director
Hilton 233