As an MBA student, you will be expected to complete a global study component. For many students, this is often the highlight of their graduate studies. You will choose between two international programs that are unique to the curriculum:

Bonn Program

This immersion program provides an invaluable experience in European business and culture. In the heart of the European Union, students gain direct access to businesses operating within the ongoing transformation in Europe. Centered in Bonn, Germany, this exclusive and popular program takes place over a two-week period each August and provides participants with a unique opportunity to visit several major European capitals and corporate headquarters.

Comparative Management Systems (CMS) Program

Each year a different region of the world is selected for study in the CMS Program. Students are split into teams and conduct research on a specific business topic. Your work is guided by a faculty advisor over the course of two semesters. The program concludes with a three-week international trip to various countries, allowing firsthand exposure to global management practices and intercultural dynamics. Student research has also been published in academic journals.